The Crystalens lenses provide me with excellent vision when considering each separately, and they provide me with excellent accommodation. I would say my vision is better than it has been for 20 years! If I had to do it again, I would choose this lens all over again.”

– Mr. James Hill, Jr.

Cataract Surgery

I will recommend it to any and all that I come into contact with that are thinking about LASIK. I had worn corrective lenses of some type for 48 years and words fail to describe how good it felt to wake up and see the clock. Thanks a million!

– Tommy Rutledge


The procedure itself is fast and almost painless, but still one of the most rewarding experiences of my life. I cannot describe what it means to me- only that 3 hours after the surgery I cried as I watched my kids play in the yard where yesterday they were just a blur. I saw individual drops of dew on grass this morning! Priceless!

– Tiffany


Everyone was so thorough, so competent, it’s the most stress-free, pain-free procedure I’ve ever had! It’s a thrill to be able to go about my day without glasses! It’s wonderful to be able to sit out on the beach and see everything so clearly and then be able to read a book without reading glasses! Thank you!

– Robin Sheek

Cataract Surgery

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