Family VisionRegardless of age, Annual Eye Examinations are an important part of eye care. With children, Dr. David O’Day and his team of experts look for undiagnosed Hyperopia (farsightedness), a common cause of eyestrain and headaches. Into a patient’s adulthood, Dr. O’Day continues to monitor eye health and refractive changes. Presbyopia is a universal condition that usually starts in the early to mid-40s and causes difficulty with reading; for these patients we recommend the best options for Eye Glasses and Contact Lenses.

As patients age into their 60s and 70s, many age-related conditions begin, so we watch for diseases such as Glaucoma and Age-Related Macular Degeneration closely.

Standard Vision Tests

To make sure that all of our patients have healthy, accurate eyesight, Dr. O’Day evaluates visual skills based on the following tests:

Age Based Eyecare

In addition to the standards vision tests listed above, Dr. O’Day may suggest additional testing based on a patient’s age. These tests help to determine if vision correction is needed or if any diseases such as GlaucomaMacular Degeneration, or Diabetic Retinopathy is present.

No matter what your vision-related issues are, it is crucial to have a skilled, caring, and trusted health care provider. If you live in Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, and Myrtle Beach SC or surrounding areas, consider visiting Charleston Cornea & Refractive Surgery for an annual eye exam or help with a variety of vision-related issues. Call us at (843) 856-5275 for more information.