“I love the vision that my Restor lens implants have provided, especially my near vision. Now I can read without glasses! The lenses are expensive, but I think of them as an investment that I will enjoy every day. If I did it over, I would have this lens again for sure!”

– Ms. Mary Kline

“The staff were professional and friendly. Dr. O’Day’s advice and recommendations gave me confidence to choose the Restor implant.”

– Ms. Mary Kline

“My intermediate and distance vision has improved since having the Crystalens implant. Dr. O’Day is confident that with time my near vision will continue to improve. I would recommend this lens to my friends.”

– Ms. Arlene Linder

“My experience with Charleston Cornea and Refractive Surgery for my cataract surgery and Crystalens implant was excellent. I would have this lens again.”

– Mr. Jerry Prosser

“I feel that these Crystalens lenses act as closely to my natural lens as I could expect. Distance and intermediate vision is excellent! Fine reading and dim lighting require reading glasses at times. Life without glasses is wonderful!”

– Mr. Arthur Bailey

“Dr. Laurie Elliott devoted hours of her time to ‘getting it right’ when it came to the lens selection process. Her pre and post op commitment is as good as it gets!”

– Mr. Arthur Bailey

“My vision is great! Occasionally in the distance I notice a slight double vision in the distance with my Crystalens lenses. My experience with Charleston Cornea and Refractive Surgery was excellent! I would recommend this lens to anyone who is considering cataract surgery”

– Dr. James Carew

“The Crystalens lenses provide me with excellent vision when considering each separately, and they provide me with excellent accommodation. I would say my vision is better than it has been for 20 years! If I had to do it again, I would choose this lens all over again.”

– Mr. James Hill, Jr.

“The Crystalens implants are a great improvement to my life. Driving, reading, etc. is wonderful. The staff was great – very professional and knowledgeable.”

– Mr. Paul Coderre

“Dr. O’Day and his staff are wonderful. I am happy that I chose the Crystalens and to have cataract surgery with Charleston Cornea and Refractive Surgery.”

– Mr. James Ray

“With the Crystalens I do not notice any glare or halos at night, but do require reading glasses at times.”

– Mrs. Cheryl Boulware

“The Restor lenses have been a miracle for me. I am so pleased with my vision and cannot believe how bad my vision really was prior to surgery. The unfortunate thing is that the cost prohibits many people from having the premium lenses. This should be standard and covered by insurance!”

– Mrs. Sandy O’Neale

“Everyone at Charleston Cornea and Refractive Surgery was really good to me. If I had a question, they would explain everything to me. They were easy to contact, even through email!”

– Mrs. Edith Litchfield

“I wish I had done this sooner! Before the Restor lens was implanted I wasn’t sure what my vision would be like, how the surgery would go. It was so easy!”

– Mr. Everhart Shuler