Although humans are highly visual creatures, the actual mechanics of this bodily sense can be somewhat difficult to understand at times. For instance, it may seem physically impossible – or at least illogical – to have no problem seeing objects that are far away clearly while struggling to see those close up. This means that you might not have any issue reading a sign that is far down the street, but cannot seem to properly focus your vision on the page of a magazine in your lap. If this sounds like something you’ve experienced, you may have hyperopia. Dr. David O’Day, MD and his team of experts can examine your eyes and recommend the best course of action to correct your vision.

Hyperopia is more commonly referred to as farsightedness, as it refers to a condition in which you see far-away objects well, but have trouble seeing objects that are close to you. This may seem illogical, but it is actually the natural result of insufficient curvature of your cornea, or having too short of an eyeball. These two issues can result in light failing to be focused properly on your retina, so your vision is compromised and blurry.

Common symptoms of farsightedness include headaches or eyestrain after reading from sources close to you; blurred vision and eye irritation when performing work requiring concentration on close objects; and difficulty maintaining focus on objects that are close to you. Because many common types of eye tests – such as those requiring you to read letters off of a poster on the wall – are not highly effective in detecting farsightedness, it is possible that you have the condition and it has gone undiagnosed for a substantial amount of time.

If your farsightedness is minor, you may not require any corrective procedures or products. However, in more serious cases, Dr. O’Day may recommend Glasses, Contact Lenses, or perhaps even a LASIK procedure. Among the facilities for LASIK in Atlanta, GA, residents trust is the Atlanta Vision Center.

No matter what your vision-related issues, it is crucial to have a skilled, caring, and trusted health care provider. If you live in Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, and Myrtle Beach SC or surrounding areas, consider visiting Charleston Cornea & Refractive Surgery for help with a variety of vision-related issues. Call us at (843) 856-5275 for more information.