LASIK corrective eye surgery is an elective operation for people who wish to reduce or eliminate altogether their dependency on Eye Glasses or Contact Lenses. In its most successful and purest form, LASIK is literally life changing. For example, it can instantly transform someone’s life who constantly searches for the soap after dropping it in the shower, strives to see their face while applying makeup, tries to see themselves in the mirror during a haircut, or can’t drive a car without the aid of glasses or contacts.

These situations pop up tens of thousands times a day across the globe, making LASIK the most popular elective operation performed on people throughout the entire world. LASIK solves the ‘refractive error’ that causes Astigmatism, nearsightedness (Myopia), farsightedness (Hyperopia), and even Presbyopia.

Dr. David O’Day has performed more than 45,000 refractive procedures, making him one of the nation’s most experienced refractive surgeons.


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