Children EyecareSome vision conditions affect us from birth because they’re related to irregularities of the cornea. Others like Cataracts and Presbyopia creep up on us as we age. Some are the result of the wear and tear from sports during the active pre-teen years. A regular comprehensive Eye Examination is the best way to detect and address any and all vision issues including:

Contact Lens Fitting
Ensuring the correct prescription and coaching in the proper use and maintenance of Contact Lenses is a part of our fitting procedure.

Corneal Abrasions
Children lead active, energetic lives and sometimes the wear and tear can lead to vision issues. Detecting Corneal Abrasions or injuries to the Cornea is an essential aspect of eye care for teens and children.

No matter what your vision-related issues, it is crucial to have a skilled, caring, and trusted health care provider. If you live in Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, and Myrtle Beach SC or surrounding areas, consider visiting Charleston Cornea & Refractive Surgery for an annual eye examination or help with a variety of vision-related issues. Call us at (843) 856-5275 for more information.