The eyes are sensitive organs, and even small deviations from the norm can result in issues that affect your everyday life. Because the eyes are so complex and numerous parts of the eye have to work together seamlessly for perfect vision, it isn’t too surprising that many people require some degree of vision correction. One of the most common types of vision issues that are due to irregularities in one’s eyes is known as astigmatism. Dr. David O’Day, MD and his team of experts can examine your eyes and recommend the best course of action to correct your vision.

What is Astigmatism?

This eye condition is one in which the shape of the cornea or the degree of curve in the lens of your eyes is slightly irregular. Because of this, light that comes into your eye does not focus properly on your retina, and you experience a blurring of your vision. The blurring from this condition can affect your vision when looking at objects both near and far, and the condition commonly accompanies both near- and far-sightedness. If you are concerned that you may have this or another vision-related condition, a comprehensive eye care facility such as Charleston Cornea can help identify your issues, assist you in understanding your options, and help you make an informed and effective choice for your future.

astigmatism, Atlanta, Dahlonega, GAWhat Are My Options?

In some cases, no treatment is needed – typically where the degree of irregularity is minimal. In other cases, though, glasses or contact lenses can help ensure that light hits your retina at the right angle to eliminate any blurring that you would otherwise experience.

Another popular option to eliminate this blurring due to cornea or lens irregularities is LASIK surgery. The LASIK procedure can be a particularly good choice for those looking to enjoy the convenience of a glasses or contact lens free lifestyle and who want a permanent solution with minimal hassle.

If you are looking for a safe, effective way to address your astigmatism under the care of compassionate and knowledgeable professionals, consider coming to Charleston Cornea & Refractive Surgery. The centers are conveniently located in Mount Pleasant, North Charleston, and Myrtle Beach SC. Whether you have astigmatism and are curious about solutions such as LASIK, or have other vision concerns we can help. Call us at (843) 856-5275 for more information.